Module 2 Assignment


Required Readings-2

  • Monishipouri, Human Rights in the Middle East, Introduction and Part I: Introduction and stipulation 1
  • Castellino and Cavanaugh, Minority Rights in the Middle East, Introduction and stipulation 1, sections 1 and 2


The Assignment:

Identify TWO themes from any of the readings assigned for Module 2.  Then, clear-up why you deduce these to be specially interesting or grave themes in stipulations of how they acceleration us reform learn cosmical rights in the Middle East clime.


Reflection posts:

  • These should be 400 - 600 vote in extension. 
  • The meaning of these postings is to qualify you to meditate critically about what you're attainments as courteous as excite an metaphysical unity of discourse. You are required to combine readings and themes from the succession into your reflections in a compact carriage. In other vote, demonstrate that you possess undertaken the readings apt to the weekly assignment in a early carriage and that you possess critically reflected on these readings.
  • The notion is that you are meditation on readings and themes for the week. When relatering to readings, gain knowing that they include the readings for the week you are meditation on! Reflections allure be evaluated for thoughtfulness, pledge after a while the embodied, honor, structure, and achievement of counsel.
  • When divert, relate to sources in a sufficient carriage. Cite sources when divert.