Modern History

I have 8 assignments that need to be done. They are quite easy. 6 of them are simple answering terms& short answer questions (with information needed attached. The other two are just group discussion questions and a timeline assignment.

Please look over the assignments and see if you can do it (need original and quality work

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Modern History
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Forthis assignment you will​ create a chronological timeline​ that focuses on the
revolutions throughout the world. Focus on key events, leaders, trends, etc. when

creating the timeline, and be sure to order dates correctly. The timeline should only

include the key highlights of revolutions that have been studied over the last few weeks

(please do not include any dates after the nineteenth century).

Timelines should have a ​minimum of 15 dates​, and the quality of date choices is more
important than the exact number. Excessive detail is not necessary, and if exact dates

are not known, an estimate is not a problem. When possible be sure to also include the

month and date in addition to the year of an event. For each item on the timeline, you

should include the event, the date, and a brief description of the event. Use any format,

but ensure that the timeline is attractive, professional, and easy to follow/read. The

page setup can be portrait or landscape. Feel free to add pictures, clip art, color, etc.

The timelines found in the textbook are useful, but feel free to use any source. Cite all

sources. This information should be included on the bottom of the last page of your

timeline. Any timelines received without citations will receive a zero.

Rubric ​(40marks
– Minimum of 15 dates: quality of choices with descriptions -30marks

– neatness, organization, easy to read, creative, attractive, use of color, pictures





For each term or name below, briefly explain its connection to the French Revolution or the rise 
and fall of Napoleon.  
1. estate  
2. Great Fear  
3. guillotine  
4. Maximilien Robespierre   
5. coup d’état  
6. Napoleonic Code  
7. Waterloo  
8. Congress of Vienna


The French Revolution Begins Section 1 (pages 651–655)  
9. Why were the members of the Third Estate dissatisfied with their way of life under the Old 
10. Why was the fall of the Bastille important to the French people?  
Revolution Brings Reform and Terror Section 2 (pages 656–662)  
11. What political reforms resulted from the French Revolution?  
12. What was the Reign of Terror, and how did it end?  
Napoleon Forges an Empire Section 3 (pages 663–667)  
13. What reforms did Napoleon introduce?  
14. What steps did Napoleon take to create an empire in Europe?  
Napoleon’s Empire Collapses Section 4 (pages 668–671)  
15. What factors led to Napoleon’s defeat in Russia?  
16. Why were the European allies able to defeat Napoleon in 1814 and again in 1815?  
The Congress of Vienna Section 5 (pages 672–675)  
17. What were Metternich’s three goals at the Congress of Vienna?  
18. How did the Congress of Vienna ensure peace in Europe? 

























Answer the following question/prompt for this week’s group discussion assignment:



As you consider the political events in England and France during the seventeenth century, do you

believe a monarchy-style of government could ever be effective? Why or why not, and give some

evidence to support your views.

Classmate’s post

Never once was a monarchy an effective style of government. It may seem good in theory, but one ruler is bound to

become corrupt, and from there, more corruption will spread. Like many of the European monarch countries, rulers

take their corruption and strive to make their nation an absolute monarchy (meaning that kings/queens held all

power in the state). They used things like “divine right” to persuade some people that an absolute monarchy was

necessary. Divine right is the thought that God created the monarchy and the monarch was one of God’s

spokespersons. Under an absolute monarchy, the citizens of a country had no control over any governmental

decisions. The citizens had to do whatever the absolute monarch said. Absolute monarchs typically made decisions

out of their own self interests. Some monarchs did what they thought would be best for their country, even though

many people didn’t want to see any changes (Peter the Great). Given the details in the book, I think that

monarchy-style governments are set up for failure.

Week10 A

As you have worked through the French Revolution, you will recall Maximilien Robespierre. He was

responsible for the Reign of Terror. In Chapter 23.2, there is a primary source writing by Robespierre,

which states the following:

● “The first maxim of our politics ought to be to lead the people by means of reason and the
enemies of the people by terror. If the basis of popular government in time of peace is virtue, the

basis of popular government in time of revolution is both virtue and terror: virtue without which

terror is murderous, terror without which virtue is powerless. Terror is nothing else than swift,

severe, indomitable justice; it flows, then, from virtue.” On the Morals and Political Principles of

Domestic Policy (1794).

How did Robespierre justify the use of terror, and is there ever a time or situation that using fear and

terror to bring control to society could be the right and virtuous thing to do?

Classmate’s post

He justified his use of terror by saying he was protecting the Revolution from its enemies. It was justified by him

saying it enabled the French to remain true to the ideals of the Revolution. The “enemies” that troubled him the

most were the ones that challenged his leadership. I do not think that using fear and terror is the right way to bring

ones own society under control. There are typically better, less radical ways. Sometimes, reigning through terror

would be necessary, but only after every other plan has failed. It would have to be used cautiously.

Week10 B

Was Napoleon’s leadership positive or negative for France and whole of Europe. Defend your

perspective well.

Classmate’s post

Napoleon was a very influential leader of France. ​He made it his goal to conquer Europe.​ Under his reign of war, he
conquered most of the European territories. Although he may seem very successful and his reign may seem good

due to the large amount of land added to France, Napoleon’s reign brought forth many problems. One of which was

France not being strong enough for its large territory. France being weak eventually led to unnecessary wars and

invasions. Napoleon’s biggest mistake was invading Russia, which at that time was an ally. Russia decimated

Napoleon’s army and France was even weaker than before. In 1814, Napoleon gave up his throne. The year after,

Napoleon rose to power for a hundred days and Napoleon was then captured and shipped off to a desolate island.

Given everything provided in the book, I think that the negative effects that Napoleon had on France outweighed

the positive. His rushed decisions made it hard for civilians in France to catch a break and eventually led to France’s

sudden collapse.


Which invention was the most influential discovery during the Industrial Revolution? How did it affect

society both then, later, and even now? Defend your answer well with historical evidence and opinion.

Classmate’s post

I think that this question is a matter of personal opinion, but I believe that Watt’s steam engine was the most

influential during the Industrial Revolution.

The first commercial steam engine was invented by Thomas Newcomen in 1712, but this steam engine was far from

the engines required to push the economy of the 19th century. These engines would need to become more reliable

and consistent in order to be used for manufacturing purposes. James Watt eventually found a way to achieve a

more practical source of power in 1781. Watt’s new engine was designed to produce rotary power and could do so

as long as the heat source was present. This steam engine allowed mills and factories to produce a mass number of

goods faster than human labor. It also had a strong influence on boats and railroads. The steam engine made

transport simpler and faster. In addition to easier travel, the ability to make profits increased.


How did Europeans use Social Darwinism to justify their imperialistic empire building? Do stronger

nations have the right to impose their will on weaker nations even if in the end it benefits the weaker

nations? Do you agree and/or disagree with any of the beliefs of Social Darwinism? Defend your

response well.

Classmate’s post

Social Darwinism was some of the ideologies in which Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection was

used to justify particular political, economic and social views. Many who were committed to ideas believed in the

survival of the fittest in society. Things such as eugenics, social injustice, and racism have been justified by this

theory. Imperial is the economic control of indigenous people and the development of economic dependency. The

stronger nations have no right to force their will on the weaker nations, even though it helps the weaker nations.

Every country has its own rights and its own independence. It is also illegal for any powerful nation to enforce its

will on smaller and weaker nations.


During the Age of Imperialism, from around 1850-1914, many countries around the world chose to

expand their territory and control around the world. However, some countries did not choose to

expand, and instead embraced the idea of isolationism. What would be the benefits or drawbacks from

choosing a policy of isolationism? Provide historical evidence and support as you formulate your

opinion on this topic.

Classmate’s post

There are many advantages of isolationism. First, by not participating in foreign relations, isolationism brings peace to the
country. This helps the government to concentrate on its needs. It sustains the purity of the culture of the nation and its people.
The policy also keeps the nation from intervening in a conflict where soldiers and civilians may risk their lives as a result of
conflict or battle. Furthermore, by practicing isolationism, the nation has a better chance of developing its economic stability by
preventing the costs of war arising from its participation in foreign affairs. On the other hand, the choice of isolationism strategy
often has several disadvantages. For example, a country pursuing the isolationism policy would lack an excellent opportunity to
trade with other foreign countries for economic growth. The isolated nation will remain illiterate in the coming technological
progress that may be essential to social, political, and economic growth. The military would also lack unique tactics and
experience, leaving the nation vulnerable to attack. Therefore, the government would be unprepared during the attack, making
it easy to defeat. In addition, the nation would lose out on allies that could be of great help to its political and economic stability.


​For each term or name below, briefly explain its connection to the changes in global power between 1800 and 1914.  
1. Opium War2. Boxer Rebellion 3. Meiji era 4. Russo-Japanese War 5. Monroe Doctrine 6. Spanish-American War 7. Benito Juárez 8. Porfirio Díaz 
MAIN IDEAS China Resists Outside Influence Section 1 (pages 805–809) 
9. Why was China traditionally not interested in trading with the West?  
10. Although Guangxu’s effort at reform failed, what changes did it finally set in motion?  
Modernization in Japan Section 2 (pages 810–815)  
11. What events caused Japan to end its isolation and begin to westernize?  
12. What were the results of Japan’s growing imperialism at the end of the 19th century?  
U.S. Economic Imperialism Section 3 (pages 816–821​)  
13. How were Latin American caudillos able to achieve power and hold on to it?  
14. What effects did the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary have on Latin America? 

Citation: ​BECK. ​World History: Patterns of Interaction Survey​. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12. [MBS Direct].

For each term or name below, briefly explain its connection to the reforms, crises, or advances of Western nations from 1815 to 1914​.


1. suffrage 2. anti-Semitism 3. dominion 4. home rule 5. manifest destiny 6. Emancipation Proclamation 7. assembly line 8. theory of evolution 
MAIN IDEAS Democratic Reform and Activism Section 1 (pages 747–750)


9. What political reforms expanded democracy for men in Britain?  
10. Why did the woman suffrage movement in Great Britain become more militant?  
Self-Rule for British Colonies Section 2 (pages 751–757)  
11. What cultural conflict caused problems for Canada?  
12. How did Australia’s early history differ from that of other British colonies?  
13. Why did the British pass a home rule bill for southern Ireland only?  
War and Expansion in the United States Section 3 (pages 758–761)  
14. In what ways did the United States gain territory in the 1800s?  
15. Why was the issue of slavery in the United States so divisive? 
Nineteenth-Century Progress Section 4 (pages 762–767)  
16. What was Darwin’s principle of natural selection?  
17. What prompted the growth of the social sciences?  
18. What were some of the effects of increased leisure time? 





citation: BECK. ​World History: Patterns of Interaction Survey​. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12. [MBS Direct]. 

Please answer the Terms & Names and Main Idea sections



Briefly explain the importance of each of the following to the revolutions in Latin America or Europe.  
1. conservative  
2. liberal  
3. nationalism  
4. nation-state  
5. Realpolitik 
6. romanticism  
7. realism  
8. Impressionism​.

Latin American Peoples Win Independence Section 1 (pages 681–686)  
9. What caused the creoles in South America to rebel against Spain?  
10. What role did Agustín de Iturbide play in the independence of Mexico?  
11. Who was Dom Pedro, and what role did he play in Brazil’s move to independence? 
Europe Faces Revolutions Section 2 (pages 687–691)  
12. How is a liberal different from a conservative?  
13. How successful were the revolts of 1848? Explain.  
14. Why did the French accept Louis-Napoleon as an emperor? 
​Case Study: Nationalism Section 3 (pages 692–697)  
15. How did nationalism in the 1800s work as a force for both disunity and unity?  
16. What approaches did Camillo di Cavour use to acquire more territory for Piedmont-Sardinia? 17. What strategy did Otto von Bismarck use to 
make Prussia the leader of a united Germany? 
Revolutions in the Arts Section 4 (pages 698–703) 
18. What are five elements of romanticism?  
19. What are two ideas or attitudes of the romantic movement that reflect the ideals of nationalism?  
20. What new conditions caused a change in the arts from romanticism to realism? 













citation: BECK. ​World History: Patterns of Interaction Survey​. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12. [MBS Direct]. 


For each term or name below, briefly explain its connection to the imperialism of 1850–1914.  
1. imperialism 2. racism 3. Berlin Conference 4. Menelik II 5. geopolitics 6. Suez Canal 7. Raj 8. Queen Liliuokalani 
​MAIN IDEAS The Scramble for Africa Section 1 (pages 773–778)  
9. What motivated the nations of Europe to engage in imperialist activities?  
10. What effect did the Boer War have on Africans?  
Case Study: Imperialism Section 2 (pages-779–785)  
11. What are the forms of imperial rule? 
12. How did Ethiopia successfully resist European rule? 
​Europeans Claim Muslim Lands Section 3 (pages 786–790)  
13. Why were the European nations interested in controlling the Muslim lands?  
14. What methods did the Muslim leaders use to try to prevent European imperialism? 
​British Imperialism in India Section 4 (pages 791–795)  
15. How was the economy of India transformed by the British?  
16. What caused the Sepoy Mutiny? 





citation: BECK. ​World History: Patterns of Interaction Survey​. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12. [MBS Direct]. 

Thisweek’s SOAPSTone activity is related to “The Declaration of the Rights of Man” and

“The Declaration of the Rights of Woman.”.

Primary source – ​”The Declaration of the Rights of Man”​& graphic organizer chart
for completing a SOAPSTone will be attached

You will be assessed for your accuracy and level of analysis for each of the categories on

the SOAPStone chart – speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, subject, and tone.

Rubric – 15 points

Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, subject, tone – 3points each

Modern World History (HIST210)

SOAPSTone Primary Sources Chart

Instructions: Prove your understanding of each assigned primary source by completing the chart below. Use as much information as possible directly from the primary source to complete the chart. When necessary you do have permission to bring in necessary outside information and context. Ensure that you provide a works cited at the end of the chart for any outside source used.

Week Number & Primary Source Title:

S: Who is the speaker?
It is not enough to simply name the speaker. What can you say about the speaker based on the references and information found in the source? Consider who the speaker is and what his/her viewpoint is related to this source.

O: What is the occasion?
Be certain to discuss and record both the larger occasion – that is, those issues or ideas that must have made the speaker think about this incident – and the immediate occasion.

A: Who is the audience?
At whom is the text directed? It is not enough to say “anyone who reads it.” Identify the specific/certain audience by describing some of its characteristics.

P: What is the purpose?
The purpose could purely be personal. However, it could also be directed at the audience. You will have to decide what the message is and how the author wants the audience to respond. Also in determining purpose, do not forget to consider the point of view.

S: What is the subject?
You should be able to state the subject in a few words or a short phrase.

T: What is the tone?
Choose a description of the tone that fits the source as a whole. Include specific words or phrases from the text and explain how they support your statement.

Works Cited:

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