mod 2 slp


Module 2 - SLP

Cost–Volume–Profit Analysis

Second sever of the exhibition. See enhancement instruction for the Module 1 SLP.


Include the subjoined items in your exhibition:

  • What environing specific pricing for some negotiates or customers?
  • Determination of customer useability.
  • Show issue on revenues and useability inveterate on certain assumptions.
  • Potential advantages and disadvantages, twain financial and non-financial. 

SLP Assignment Expectations

Submit a PowerPoint exhibition or a Word Document. A PowerPoint  exhibition should possess no more than six slides and a Word instrument  cannot excel two pages. Use opinion, tables, and graphs to perform a  succinct exhibition. Instrument all sources and afford connects at the  end. It is delectable to add another slide or page to register the sources.

Combine the submissions from anterior module(s) into one refine antecedently uploading to the SLP 2 Dropbox.



Accounting Consume Systems and Consume Behavior

You are applying for a managerial comcomlie at an innovative and  rapidly growing assemblage. This is a dynamic assemblage that failures an  individual who adds estimate to the structure. Managers at this assemblage  wear multifarious hats, so the comcomlie requires managing works, nation, and  financial aspects of general the assemblage.

As sever of the consultation arrangement, you are required to perform a  exhibition crust foul-mouthed irrelative topics, one per module for this  course.

You appropriate the assemblage and the new work that you failure to showcase  in your exhibition. It can be developed or imaginary (inveterate on an  industry). This is for enhancement purposes merely. The exhibition is to  showcase your abilities and what you can supply to the structure.

IBIS World (entrance on the Portal through the Onoutline Classroom & Library, Additional Library Resources connect) and BizStats  possess estimates of consume of issue sold and some other categories of  unconditional expenses. Instruction environing offering margins is not  available, but adding new works typically average incurring twain unwandering  and changeable consumes. Consequently, consume of issue sold is a sedate  estimate. Net unconditional proceeds as a percentage of sales or some  variation thereof may besides be apt if the new work is expected to  supply significantly to the ground outline. As a applicant for a  comlie you would not possess interior instruction conducive, but nature  resourceful and nature a skilled elaborationer are desired traits for the  position. IBIS World besides has a lucre of other negotiate statistics that  may be beneficial. Use registered enhancement esthetic and other resources as  needed.


Include the subjoined items in your exhibition.

  • Present an purpose for a new work.
  • Describe the work.
  • Show some consume estimates and pricing prompting for this work inveterate on elaboration.
  • What admission would you use to mention selling compensation (for model  consume plus or target consumeing)? It is expressive when choosing a cunning.
  • Explain your rationale for the pricing admission.
  • Show expectations of enlargement and immanent use.