Posted: October 27th, 2022

medical record

 Let’s share our discoveries! Post to this blog a brief synopsis about your EMR/EHR. In addition, include the URL for your EMR/EHR. Next, respond to one (1) of your class colleagues’ posts. The Wiki/Blog rubric is attached. This collaboration activity earns 15 points. 


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medical record
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Collaboration Blog


Grading Rubric

Each student has one attempt to submit this assignment. Late submissions will receive a score of zero and are still required to be submitted. Please review the criteria below to see how your submission will be scored.


Basic (1 Point)

Proficient (2 Points)


(3 Points)

Initial Post

Post with superficial thought and preparation; does not address all aspects of task.

Acceptable post addressing all aspects of the task; lacks full development of concepts.

Post demonstrates full development of all concepts of the task.


Some required information is missing by the deadline.

All required posts completed; post is not timely enough to allow colleagues’ response.

All required posts completed; posts made early enough to allow others to read and respond.

Response(s) to Colleagues

Some required response(s) missing; posted response(s) lack depth and insight.

Required response completed; response(s) adequate but do not enrich the learning.

Required response completed; posted responses demonstrate analysis of others’ points, contributing to meaningful learning.

Critical Thinking

No analysis or insight; minimal information shared; simple paraphrasing of what others have said.

Adequate with acceptable analysis. Minimal connections made to content and real-life situations.

Rich in content, thought, insight, and analysis. Connections made to content and real-life situations which have been fully developed.

Mechanics (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation)

Posts include unorganized content with multiple errors.

Posts are adequate with some errors in clarity or mechanics.

Posts are formatted in an easy-to-read style that is free of mechanical errors.

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