Posted: October 27th, 2022

Marketing Plan – part 3


Will there be any partners in developing the plan? Who will be sponsoring the plan? Indicate that clearly and have that as a context as you work through the project.  The campaign purpose and focus would benefit from detail. E.g. purpose could be reduce the number of CVD deaths directly related to air pollution, etc.; and focus could be increase the number of persons acquiring information on air pollution, etc.

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Marketing Plan – part 3
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Plus fill the work sheet too

Appendix A Social Marketing Planning Worksheets 507


3.1 Describe the primary target audiences for your program/campaign in tenns of size,
problem incidence and severity, and relevant variables, including demographics,
psychographics/values and lifestyles, geographies, related behaviors, and/or readi­
ness to act (e.g., homeowners on shoreline properties engaged in landscaping and
interested in protecting the environment.):

3.2 lfyou have additional important audiences that you will need to influence as well,
describe them here, to keep them in mind as you develop strategies. They may end
up being messengers or distribution channels (e.g., garden centers and nurseries):

Refer to Worksheet A on page 518 in this Appendix.

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