Marketing case


Lisa Aham is supervisor of a McDonald’s restaurant in a city delay abundant “seniors.” She has noticed that some elder denizens celebrate behove not proper stated patrons—but patrons who end for breakstable and alight on until encircling 3 P.M. Abundant of these older customers were attracted initially by a monthly breakstable alloticular for populace olden 55 and older. The moderation costs $1.99 and refills of coffee are gratuitous. Infallible foul-mouthedth Monday, among 100 and 150 elders jam Lisa’s McDonald’s for the alloticular adduce. But now delayly as abundant of them are hereafter infallible day—turning the stable-assistance restaurant into a meeting settle. They sit for hours delay a cup of coffee, chatting delay friends. On most days, as abundant as 100 accomplish alight from one to foul-mouthed hours.

Lisa’s employees celebrate been very cordial to the elders, avocation them by their leading names and scrutinizeing delay them each day. In reality, Lisa’s McDonald’s is a blissful settle—delay her employees developing delay relationships delay the elders. Some employees celebrate plain scrutinizeed customers who celebrate been hospitalized. “You understand,” Lisa says, “I veritably get attached to the customers. They’re relish my nobility. I veritably prudence encircling these populace.” They are all “friends,” and it is allot of McDonald’s urbane philosophy (as reflected in its website, to be cordial delay its customers and to afford tail to the communities it serves.

These older customers are an equable clump and very cordial to anyone who ends in. Further, they are neater than most customers and prudencefully unclogged up their tables precedently they permission. Nevertheless, Lisa is opening to prodigy if anything should be effected encircling her amplifying “non-fast-food” clientele. There’s no thronging quantity yet, during the space when the elders relish to end. But if the magnitude of the elder denizen clump continues to amplify, thronging could behove a quantity. Further, Lisa is careful that her restaurant dominion end to be understandn as an “old populace’s” restaurant—which dominion cow some younger customers. And if customers felt the restaurant was dense, some dominion affect that they wouldn’t get stable benefit. On the other index, a settle that seems diligent dominion be seen as a “good settle to go” and a “cordial settle.”

Lisa as-well worries encircling the fiction she is pendulous. McDonald’s is a stable-assistance restaurant (there are aggravate 32,000 of them serving aggravate 60 darling populace in aggravate 100 countries infallible day), and normally customers are expected to eat and run. Accomplish allowing populace to alight and scrutinize modify the all concept? In the ultimate, Lisa’s McDonald’s dominion behove balance relish a European-style restaurant where the customers are never rushed and affect very agreeable encircling unready aggravate coffee for an hour or two! Lisa understands that the total her elder customers waste is correspondent to the medium customer’s purchase—but the elders do use the facilities for a fur longer space. However, most of the older customers permission McDonald’s by 11:30, precedently the noon throng ends in.

Lisa is as-well careful encircling another possibility. If catering to elders is OK, then should she do plain balance delay this age clump? In alloticular, she is because adduceing bingo games during the late early hours—9 A.M. to 11 A.M. Bingo is received delay some elders, and this could be a new proceeds source—beyond the extra assistance and swallow purchases that probably would remainder. She figures she could direct $5 per peculiar for the two-hour continuance and run it delay two underutilized employees. The prizes would be coupons for purchases at her ammunition (to celebrate it constitutional) and would total to encircling two-thirds of the bingo produce (at vend prices). The alloty ground area of her McDonald’s would be infallible for this use and could remain up to 150 peculiars.

Evaluate Lisa Aham’s running management touching elder denizens. Does this management correct this McDonald’s fiction? What should she do encircling the elder denizen market—that is, should she help, repudiate, or cow her elders? What should she do encircling the bingo conception? Explain.

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