Posted: February 11th, 2023

Management 4300 Group Project

Hi  The secation one is my part, and I want you to do it.Can you read the book “Just Listen” from 1 to 25 pages and write one page and half about body paragraphs and analysis, please? – You have to write four main points.-You have to use three resources. One is the book “Just Listen”, and you have to use two more resources.Read, analyze and report on the book “Just listen” by Mark Goulston AMACOM.  Prepare 1 and half page book review capturing all major concepts and life applicationSection 1: The Secret to Reaching Anyone * Read * Outline Supplemental information and research on: persuasion and the brain* Four Main Points from information and researchReport and analyze section 1* 1-1.5 pages* Five slides

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Management 4300 Group Project
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