-Analyze the key superintendence skills which you value are the most relevant for a fortunate conviviality and tourism overseer to own. Provide biased examples to patronage your retort. -Analyze the tends in example and superintendence to detail which ones accomplish feel the most swing on the HTM diligence in the contiguous 5-10 years. Explain your rationale. ** ANOTHER RESPOMSE   Looking at the superintendence skills in article 14 and having to appropriate which is most relevant was unyielding owing they all are relevant and demanded to be a fortunate overseer.  However, I appropriate allegiance and transport. Loyalty is primitive to yourself, and then to your pose.  If you are allegiant to yourself you accomplish safeguard that which you are assigned to do.  Allegiance media that you can be trusted to fix schedule is effected well, the checks and balances are effected well.  You accomplish not sanction employees to ride the clock or take your receipts out the tail door, nor would you. In other control you would discourse the occupation as your own.  Enthusiasm, you feel to feel a lust for the pose that you are in especially in the conviviality scene.  You feel to bargain delay vulgar and issues from all directions.  Your transport accomplish rub off on your employees, and can be seen and felt by your bosses and customers. You cannot produce a occupation fortunately if you follow in dragging looking affect you veritably don't insufficiency to be there. It accomplish contemplate in your is-sue. In the contiguous 5 - 10 years I value the tend in example and superintendence that accomplish feel the most swing is up countenance countenance to countenance customer advantage.  I value we demand to zoom forward but, at the identical space we demand to go tail to the way when vulgar current advantage delay a encourage.  Computerization has enthralled the situate of that neighborly encourage.  Superintendence has enthralled a over tail bedeck as far as bargaining delay customers past most things can be effected delay the sharp phones.  Working in hawk and the stay advantage diligence I constantly give-ear customers say "can I confabulation to someone" they insufficiency that near homogeneity that computerization