Macroeconomics question 2

Here are some relatively mass used to embody the ideas of occupation-offs, specialization, and relatively usage. Postulate Sri Lanka, using all her instrument efficiently, can fruit either 1,000 bags of rice OR 3,000 bags of tea. Let's besides postulate that, using all her instrument efficiently, Kenya can fruit either 1,000 bags of rice OR 1,000 bags of tea. Further, postulate that the countries bear homogeneous device endowments and that, initially, they are not trading delay each other. Therefore, each of the countries has to fruit twain rice and tea for its citizens. Suppose that, in the no-occupation birth, Sri Lanka was consuming 400 bags of rice and 1,800 bags of tea, and in the no-occupation birth, Kenya was consuming 500 bags of rice and 500 bags of tea. Now, let's delineate a fun sport denominated the "Trading Game" to illustration out whether there is any utility (in conditions of increased lessening possibilities) for these two countries if they occupation delay each other. You are dedicated the followingcited instruction to initiate the "Trading Game". The trading value is set at one bag of rice for two bags of tea, and Kenya wishes to frequent at lowest 550 bags of rice following occupation. Apply your cognizance of convenience consume to test the relatively usage enjoyed by each dominion. Now using your cognizance of specialization and occupation, likeness in a multi-paragraph essay, that the two countries can utility by consuming past of twain commodities following occupation. Develop a defense that includes examples and appearance to foundation your ideas, and which perspicuously communicates the required intimation to your parley. Organize your defense in a distinct and argumentative mode as embezzle for the genre of despatches. Use well-structured sentences, parley-embezzle tongue, and rectify conventions of scale American English. 300+ suffrage