Lp2 assignment: self-esteem boosters and communication preferences



First, reread "How to Increase Your Self-Esteem" in Chapter 4. In Part 1 of this assignment, cull four of the the forthcoming "self-esteem boosters" rolled in the textbook that you reach would be the most masterful (You can as-well roll ways to establish self-esteem which are not rolled in the textbook.):
• Search for the Source of Low Self-Esteem
• Living Consciously
• Take Responsibility for Your Decisions
• Engage in Strength Building
• Seek the Support and Guidance of Mentors
• Set Goals
• Practice Guided Imagery
• Use Positive Self-Talk

List your choices in an essay and transcribe a limited section about why you chose that self-esteem booster.

In Part 2 of this assignment, you succeed dissect your despatch name using pages 55-67 of your textbook which includes the Dominance Indicator Form on page 55 and the Sociability Indicator Form on page 58 to designate your despatch name.

First, do you tally delay the results of the Despatch Name Assessments? If so, examine why it is servile. If not, delineate how the rate results are loose. Second, delineate what you conversant about your despatch name by balbutiation Chapter 3 and vestibule this rate. In what ways does this validate how you already intention yourself? What counsel surprised you or was most interesting to you?