Posted: January 20th, 2023

Litr201 David


In the story of Oedipus, we see many examples of happy ignorance. The main character, Oedipus, becomes a king entitled to a beautiful wife and the glory of ridding the sphinx who demands tributes. The story could have gone on, and Oedipus could have lived in peace not knowing the secret of his birth and who he killed. Unfortunately, Oedipus could not go on not knowing the truth. He wanted the truth so badly, but did not realize that it would destroy everything around him.

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Litr201 David
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This can apply to food in our lives. We all may love doughnuts, and could go on eating an endless supply of the jelly filled, fried wonders. However, once you learn that they are filled with fat and sugar, a person who wants to be healthy may have to avoid doughnuts once they learn about how unhealthy doughnuts are. Someone who does not know they are bad for you, could go on filling their hearts desire without a negative thought in their mind.

In the play, Oedipus wants to help his kingdom by exiling the man or men who killed the late king. Unfortunately for Oedipus, that man was himself. He had literally exiled himself.

I think that on some level, when Oedipus found out about murdered king, he had a gut feeling. I think the symbol of seeing is believing followed most of the story. Even when the seer had told Oedipus of his guilt, the king thought it was a set-up and blames Creon. Oedipus needed more, he demanded more proof. This was apparent throughout the whole story, until no more proof could possibly be needed. He finally saw, and believed that he was in fact, the killer.

After reading all of Li Bai’s poems, I get this feeling that his meaning of life is home and family. It sounds like he had a wife, who passed away. He also mentions the wind, smells and sights of what I think to be his home before he set off on traveling. I can agree with finding a family, but the familiar feeling of home can be found anywhere.


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