Posted: February 11th, 2023

Linear Programming

Page 3941) A particular linear programing problem is formulated as follows:Min. Z= 2500x+3500ySubject to:5x + 6y > 2504x + 3y > 150x + 2y > 70x, y > 0Draw these constraints on graph paper (or excel) and determine the optimum solution.a. Set up the problem in mathematical form b. Solve the problem by the graphical methodPage 394-3952) A manufacturer produces two products, P and Q, which when sold earn contributions of $600 and $400 per unit respectively. The manufacture of each product requires time on a lathe and a polishing machine. Each unit of P requires 2 hours on the lathe and 1 hour on the polishing machine, while Q requires 1 hour on each machine. Each day, 10 hours are available on the lathe and 7 hours on the polishing machine. Determine the number of units of P and Q that should be produced per day to maximize contribution.a. Set up the problem in mathematical formb. Solve the problem, using either graphical or computer method, show your work.

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Linear Programming
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