Posted: February 11th, 2023


Deliverable Length:  Word document (6-10 pages)***** MUST EMAIL YOU PRIOR ASSIGNMENT BEFORE YOU BEGIN WRITING ASSIGNMENT*****For this assignment, you will be utilizing your preparation plan from this week’s Discussion Board and the outline from Unit 1 to guide your development of the procedures manual. Use this plan to get organized and break down each of the sections you will be writing the content for. Use the design elements that you identified in the Discussion Board to guide your overall formatting.You will need to complete all of the chapters in your procedures manual, including the following:Procedure manual title page with a logoTable of contentsIntroductionChapters for procedures overview, formal procedure statement, explanation of procedure and when and where it is used, examples, authorized contacts, and so onGlossary or indexReferencesDeliverables:The overall project deliverables are as follows:Update the procedures manual document title page with new date and project name.Update previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.Complete the sections under “New Content” below, and copy it under the sections in the procedures manual document called “Procedures Manual Preparation Plan” and “Procedures Manual.”New ContentProcedures manual preparation planUpdate the preparation plan with any feedback from your instructor and peer feedback from the Discussion BoardProcedures manualDevelop a visually appealing title page with a logo.Develop chapters for each section identified in the procedures manual outline.Write content for each section.Apply common design elements throughout the manual.Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.

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