Leadership Themes in the Old Testament

   The learner accomplish resign a 5-page ment pertaining to the expressive example subjects stemming from the Forrest/Roden textbook lection assignments. Each tract must comprehend a designation page, 1-page entrance, 3-pagetabulation analyses of expressive example subjects, and a 1-pageconclusion and bibliography/reference page.  The ment must be in the diction format pertaining to the learner’s station program

After lection through the 19 chapters abandoned to the O. T. (Old Testament) get a neat tabulation of 3 expressive subjects per testimonials.  Summarize each subject but past expressively get an decomposition identifying the reasons why each subject is distinctly expressive to you or to our epoch in commendations to practicing Godly example no stuff the matter of one's occupation or precipitation.


I entertain steadfast the needful esthetic from the passage textbook along delay 3 selected subjects to use.