Posted: February 11th, 2023


this is a opinion paper but it have to back by concept, theories, and termology the textbook is Yuki, G. (2015) leadership in organzations. its a ten page paper, apa, reference page, citation, interview of two people you can pretend of course, abstract, and appendix.PLEASE READ THE ATTACHMENT FOR ALL OF THE IDEAS THE PAPER MUST HAVEThe Leadership Project requires each student to lead a group of people (friends, workers, fellow workers, fellow club members, etc.) in a project or activity that they would not normally undertake. The only rules of the project are: (1) students must not tell their friends or co-workers that they are doing it for a class, and (2) it should take at least three weeks of contact to complete. , and a Final 10-page Project Paper due in ModulThe conundrum: How do I convey confidence, self-assurance, and passion when leading a group?. There are, of course, many different leadership styles you can use in completing your project (refer to your text and/or other sources) and there are, of course, a number of different project you can lead people on—some of the ones that have been done in previous classes are (organizing an office area, helping team members to lose weight, leading a group in donating time at a Red Cross or other social service agency, organizing a group to run a race for a  particular benefit, organizing a group to take a train ride to a particular part of the US or elsewhere, etc.).

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