Posted: October 27th, 2022

Leadership and Strategic Communication

Discussion post: Situational Leadership Specific D1,2,3,4 post

CMST 439 Leadership and Strategic Communication

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Leadership and Strategic Communication
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Textbook: The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Discussion post: Situational Leadership Specific D1,2,3,4 post

· Speak to Situational Leadership.

· Talk about a time that you have observed a person who was a D1, D2, D3, OR D4 on a task.

· What is the goal?

· Why are they a D1, D2, D3, OR D4?

· What do they need from their leader?


My D3: Think about Purpose, Context, and Strategy

In the history of America, in 1963, segregation policies were in place, and Negroes were mistreated going against emancipation proclamations. Some states such as Alabama had introduced segregation policies where Negroes were treated less equal human beings, a situation that led to the civil rights movement pioneered by some of the greatest and prominent activists in history and Doctor Martin Luther King Junior was among them. It is on the backdrop of rampant segregation that violated the U.S constitution, Bible, and will of founding fathers that Dr. Martin Luther King Junior delivered one of most historic and compelling speeches, “I Have A Dream“ Washington March 1963. In a gathering of more than 250,000 applies his great oratory skill and charisma to communicate hope to many Negroes. The leader eloquently tells the audience that the bell of freedom is ringing and in the fullness of time, people will not be judged by the color of the skin but rather by the content of their character. Martin Luther King Junior’s understanding of the U.S constitution, emancipation declaration, and staunch believer works well for him when championing freedom and equality. In history, this speech remains one most cited by those agitating for democracy, equality, and rule of law.
     When Martin Luther King Junior delivered his speech, he told the audience to go back to Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia with the assurance that someday, the situation they are experiencing (inequality and segregation) will change. In this part, it would be more appealing if the leader would vividly communicate options that they would urgently employ to actualize their freedom. 
     Many times, I find myself listening to the speeches of Martin Luther King Junior. From the speech,” I have a dream” I learn three things. First, to deliver effective communication, the leader should ensure that he/she is in touch with people. Ideally, the message should align or address issues the people are experiencing. Second, a leader communicates effectively whenever words or message is reflected in his/her actions. In other words, a leader should not only lecture followers on what to do but should be at the forefront to execute what he/she communicates to followers. Third, effective communication is part of leadership skills. It is good communication that enables a leader to effectively and eloquently communicate the vision and mission of the organization. Martin Luther King Junior engaged the audience and eloquently communicated his mission to the audience.

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