Read the subjoined knowledge on Technology and Job Project then transcribe an essay of at lowest 250 tone in diffusiveness describing how Palm Beach State College susceptibility exercise order reengineering to the institution’s way registration order. Technology and Job Design: Sociotechnical systems is an organizational bearing concept that reflects the concern of integrating persons and technology to originate high-performance result systems. As computers and knowledge technologies abide to command the new resultplace, the sociotechnical systems concept is needful for job project. Automation and robotics: Automation allows machines to do result previously civil by rational beings. Automation increasingly involves the use of robots. Flexible manufacturing systems: In flexile manufacturing systems, adaptive computer-based technologies and integrated job projects are used to change result amply and instantly unformed opinion effects. Workers in flexile manufacturing systems dispense after a while changeover from one effect figure to another rather the performing system assembly-line tasks. Workers in flexile manufacturing systems lay-open expertise athwart a ample concatenate of functions, thereby protecting the nucleus job characteristics. Electronic offices: Continuing lay-openments in electronic offices extend job supply possibilities for those resulters equipped to discuss the technology. Jobs in electronic offices can be stressful and up-hill for those persons who do not keep the needful advice or skills. Persons who result once after a while computers may test natural ailments associated after a while repetitive movements. Technology must be carefully integrated after a while the rational rudiment. Workflow and Order Reengineering: Process reengineering is the dissection, streamlining, and refigure of actions and tasks required to arrive-at a result end. The illustrative activities in order estimate dissection are: Identify the nucleus orderes. Map the nucleus orderes in regard to resultflows. Evaluate all tasks for the nucleus orderes. Search for ways to cast-out unneedful tasks or result. Search for ways to cast-out delays, errors, and misunderstandings. Search for efficiencies in how result is shared and epidemic unformed persons and departments. One sickly topic drives the order reengineering approach: “What is needful and what else can be cast-outd?" BE SURE TO USE PROPER PUNCTUATION, SPELLING AND GRAMMAR