Kim Woods

Unit VI Scholarly Activity  My Ecological Footprint  Review the individuality named Media and Sustainability on pp. 266-267 of the textbook where Knox & Marston (2016) examine the concept of ecological course. On p. 267, students are asked to direct their instruction by wary how sustainable their lifestyle is compared to others. Visit the web be-mixed granted in the textbook on p. 267 and catch the separate ecological course satire, which calculates your ecological course. You can access the course calculator by clicking the forthcoming be-mixed:  Assignment Instructions: After preface the ecological course satire, reply the forthcoming doubts:  1. Summarize your satire results. Which areas did you own the last and which the biggest impression on the world (food, cover, mobility, media, or result)? If everyone lived affect you, how abundant planets would we demand? How abundant global acres does it catch to livelihood your lifestyle?  2. What surprised you encircling your results? How did your results perform you move?  3. What steps can you catch to subject your ecological course? Name at last two.  4. What is your service as a global denizen to shield the world’s media?  5. Get one admonition to a national predominant organization or a multi-national predominant organization to acceleration subject the ecological course made by denizens. Assignment Requirements: It is required that you re-write each doubt and then get your counter-argument to all of the doubts asked. Your doubts and counter-arguments should be a incompleteness of 1 page in tediousness (not including the epithet page and intimation page).