Posted: October 26th, 2022

Johari window

Directions for the Johari Window Workbook Exercise

NOTE: Please begin this exercise immediately. Allow yourself plenty of time to for this very important major assignment.

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Johari window
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Exercise:  Read the Workbook and watch the assigned videos. 
Print out or share an electronic copy of the Johari Window Worksheet with two people. Ask two different people who know you well, either friend, family member, or coworker, that you trust can give you honest yet supportive feedback.
With each person, fill out one sheet. Make sure you both mutually agree on the Open/Free Area items. Ask for their thoughts on your Blind Area.
Then share, if you feel safe, ask them about items for the Hidden Area. For the Unknown Area, ask them to share some thoughts or insights on the untapped potential you might have that has not yet fully emerged.
When all the sessions are complete, combine all the findings on one master form and list three (3) specific actions you can take that will address the significant issues raised during this exercise.

Once your action items are decided, loopback with the people who gave you the data and share with them your action plan. Be sure to make any adjustments based on their comments.

Finally, to ensure that the feedback givers see the value of their participation in this exercise, ask them to let you know when they see you making progress on your plan.
What to Submit to the Assignment Folder:
1. A brief (1 page; double-spaced, 12 pt. font) summary of what you discovered about yourself during this Johari Window Exercise.
In the summary, include the dates and times of your meetings, the first name only of the person you asked for feedback, the most challenging aspect of the exercise, and the feedback that was most surprising. It is wise to proofread your work before you submit your document to D2L.
2. Submit your master copy of the Johari Window Worksheet to the same Assignment folder.

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