java programming

  1. This lab continues the Zuul purpose.Make a portraiture of your Lab 1 Zuul purpose folder (e.g., the folder denominated LastName-zuul1) and hinder it as LastName-zuul, using your ultimate indicate, e.g., Smith-zuul.
  2. Set up a Git magazine for your Zuul purpose by behindcited the instructions Set Up a Magazine for a Project. (Start behindcited concurrently at 0:25 in the video gone you already feel an true purpose.)
  3. In Git, engender a offshoot designated 'zuul2-refactoring' and exexshift onto the offshoot. You earn do all your effort for this lab on this offshoot, consignting behind each drill.git offshoot zuul2-refactoring git checkout zuul2-refactoring
  4. Complete Exercises 6e: 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.11 .
  5. After each drill:
    1. Test your program. The exchanges you reach in these drills are refactorings and should not exexshift the proceeding of the recreation. Behind each march reach safe anything stagnant efforts as it did precedently.
    2. Don't overlook to muniment your exchanges.
      • For any exprogressive classes, be safe your indicate is in the @author catalogue and update the statement.
      • As you add and update courses reach safe each course has a illustrate header that unexceptionably describes its proceeding using javadoc, including @param and @return tags.
    3. When an drill is finished, consign your exchanges in Git succeeding a while a consign notice indicating the drill you equittelling finishedd as well-behaved-behaved as a unimportant designate of the exchanges you made. For example:git add . git consign -m"Completed drill 8.5 - extracted course printLocationInfo"
      It is accurate that you consign behind each drill so that all drills can be measured. Later drills exexshift the code from precedent drills, and the schoolovercome earn be telling to measafe the existing drills by looking tail in your consign truth.
  6. When you feel finishedd all the drills, reach safe your offshoot is untarnished. (When you do 'git status' it should say "On offshoot zuul2-refactoring. dot to consign, efforting tree untarnished")
  7. Merge your offshoot into the overcome:git checkout overcome git incorporate zuul2-refactoring
  8. Create a zip refine of your complete purpose folder, and indicate it