Posted: November 25th, 2022

ITAR EAR Call center Outsourcing


Assume that you work within a manufacturer of personal digital assistants (PDAs). The PDAs have some potential for use by the United States military. Research & Development (R&D) efforts are underway within the United States Army using the PDAs for controlling logistics on the battlefield. Your government contract addresses export control and ITAR. Your biggest competitor has just outsourced their Customer Care and Warranty Call Center to India, which will give them a significant cost advantage. In order to remain competitive, the Vice President of your division has requested that you determine your organization’s best course of action. At this time, your organization has call center facilities located in Chicago, IL. U.S., with back-up facilities near San Francisco, CA, U.S. You have met with several colleagues to determine what could be included in the proposal back to the Vice President. They have recommended that you consider the following:

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ITAR EAR Call center Outsourcing
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1) Consider the organization’s motivation, short-term and long-term implications

2) Best strategic location:

a) Keeping the call center insourced in North America

b) Insourcing in one of your facilities in another part of the world (possibly Singapore where your electronics assembly is located)

c) Outsourcing the call center in the United States

d) Outsourcing the call center in another part of the world (Potentially India)

3) Determining the impact of the ITAR and export control on the initiative

Prepare a 500- to 600 word paper in which you take your colleagues’ recommendations into consideration addressing the following items:

1.State Department International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR).

2.monetary exchange rates 

3.political stability

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