Posted: October 27th, 2022

INTRO MODULE-Discussion Post 2 Purposes of Research

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INTRO MODULE-Discussion Post 2 Purposes of Research
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Please, share your thoughts on this video and the lessons you have learned from it.

Also, respond to a post from one of your colleagues.

Tom’s post

This video is very excellent. It has a lot of significant information that could help me in starting my research project. Doing a research method project is a challenging problem that requires a person to have proper knowledge of the project’s purpose. The video is very helpful to the person as it explains well the purpose of the project. Before you write any research, you need to know what type of research you’re going to write and understand its purpose.

For instance, the video has explained the different types of research well by breaking down the research into qualitative and quantitative. Using this method helps me understand well about the research as it has broken down, which makes it easy to get answers. The video also explains some basics of the research. For example, it has explained why the audience of the research is significant.

Therefore, using the video, the individual can write good research as the video has given the person a breakthrough of how research is written, what basics should research include to make it appropriate, and how to choose the best audience for your research. The video has highlighted some of the basic ideas and information which I can apply throughout the course. This will significantly help me to handle my course comfortably and have no problem in writing my research.

In conclusion, the video has a lot of information and ideas that help the viewer understand the course and get ideas on how to write a good research. The video has discussed a lot of information and ideas that help the person doing this course to watch.

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