Posted: October 27th, 2022

INTRO MODULE-Discussion Post 1 Your Research Journey of Writing

My class is research methods

As you continue or begin this journey of writing your research proposal, what do you feel most excited about? Challenged by? Unsure about? What are your overall thoughts on writing your proposal? Please post a response of no more than 300 words and respond to a colleague’s post.

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INTRO MODULE-Discussion Post 1 Your Research Journey of Writing
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Tom’s post

As I begin my writing journey about the research report, I am excited about knowing to perform research and know-how something works or explain why something happens. For instance, when writing about the research topic, I am excited on knowing to answer some questions that I have to the world. This is one of the best exciting parts of writing a research proposal.

The most challenging part in writing the research proposal is about choosing the right research topic to write during the research proposal. This part needs you to research the topic first before you start writing about your research proposal. Therefore, to get the right topic to write about may be very challenging.

What I am unsure of during writing the research topic is what to include when writing the research proposal. Some of the basic ideas are needed to be included in the research proposal to ensure that the research proposal is complete and has all the necessary information. You need to be sure of what to include and what to leave when writing the research proposal, but when I was writing my research proposal, I was not sure if they are being included.

 Generally, writing a research proposal was an exciting journey during my course as I learned many things and how to do thorough research and answer all the questions about the research topic. I learned a lot during the period. Knowing how to write a good research paper is a valuable skill I learned which will help me during my career.

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