Posted: February 11th, 2023

International Human Resource Management

Min 2000 words essay, Min 10 references with in-text citation in APA style.Kindly refer to attachment for instruction on the essay.YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY COUNTRY AS YOUR HOST COUNTRY (EXCEPT SINGAPORE) TO WRITE THIS ESSAY.Essay should cover below pointers:1) Introduction of chosen country and scenerio & context of International HRM2) Organizational design and structure of the overseas subsidiary in comparison with Headquarters in SINGAPORE (Apply Hofstede national cultural dimensions to discuss the differences between home and host countries)3) Analysis of the staffing process for the oversea assignment. Analyze the staffing strategy of the right candidate for the oversea assignment. Eg. Deploy people from within or recruit from outside? Which 3 selection tools (including test) do you want to adopt?4) Analysis on the training and development process of the international assignees. Training and developing the international assignees taking into consideration of the before and after overseas posting of human resource management.5) Analysis on the remuneration package of the international assignees. Remuneration should take into consideration of compensation approach (eg. Balance sheet approach) and of the before and after overseas posting of remuneration package adjustment.6) Conclusion (submission and conclusion are well considered and take into accunt the personal strategies of the company)

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International Human Resource Management
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