Posted: February 11th, 2023

International business paper

IBS2201,  Research Project1.    Select a country of your choice. (India)2.    Begin with a brief introduction and continue with a description of main economic and/or political trends or processes that are effecting the economic development of the selected country.3.    Do your research and provide a detailed description of processes/policies affecting the selected country. In your descriptive work and use at least 20 business terms from at least 5 chapters covered in class. For example you can use terms: globalization, emerging market economies, outsourcing, exporting, liberalization of the trading system, institutions, antitrust laws, sustainable development, comparative advantage, absolute advantage, trade surplus, tariffs, domestic content provision, manners and customs, attitudes, values, balance of payments, GDP, corruption, ethics, foreign investment, etc. Your business terms in the text must be bold and underlined. (7-9 pages). Do not define them; just use in the context.4.       Use the cover page. The size of your research project must be at least 3500 words (Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaces).

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International business paper
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