Posted: November 25th, 2022

Information System

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Information System
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Physical security

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Crime prevention through the environment design methodology comprises a set of outlined designs and principals that discourages crime and promoted well-enhanced security building promotions. This concept mainly consists of a defense mechanism that prevents damage and forces out the elements that may cause a crime’s disaster. CPTED procedures are majorly based on anticipating the thought process of potential offenders and create an environment that prevents and discourages follow through. Importantly, this has created a sense of physical security among the connection topology. Typically, when this process of prevention is launched, the resulting environment and associate surrounding impedes criminal acts and creates a surveillances nature. The concept of surveillances incorporates to a close monetarization mechanism. The idea mainly uses modern developed tools that help insight capturing for physical security enhancement. Besides that, the maintained approach launches a territorial reinforcement to discourage vandalism and related physical crimes that damage reputation and risk information access (Crowe Tim,2018).

Natural access controls are another principal that CPTED uses to enhance and harden security tenure. Since criminals tend to feel that they have taken power, the designs encourage uses of situated entrance in public facilities and lobbies. This strategy helps in cutting off straight lines of access to potential targets such as banking tellers. Besides, tension barriers can also be used to navigate and discourage individual who threatens the physical security of people who have good intention from seeking services and other accesses. In the case of approaching facilities, curbing and landscaping should be directed to automobile foot traffic and another area that has a visible, controlled, and safe environment. For safety purposes, territorial reinforcement also steps in and creates a distinction between private and public property. Legitimate owners have a sense of ownership, thus adopting secure property appliances. Various implementation, such as signatures and visitors’ badging systems, should be encouraged for defensive purposes. When this security system has been introduced in place, it hardens the target process, thus ensuring that physical security has been enhanced (William Deutsch,2019).


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