I need short answer to below questions, Course is ethical study in accounting


    I need less counter-argument to underneath topics(sum 3), Course is holy examine in statementing 


    1. Truett Cathy, author of the Chick-fil-A restaurant compact, was a holy Christian who maintained a pol- icy of guardianship his restaurants barred on Sundays so his employees could waste over spell after a while their fam- ilies. Chick-fil-A generates revenues of environing $6 bil- wonder per year. As a termination, being barred on Sundays might absorb the restaurant roughly one bilwonder dollars in sales per-annum. Rent is an weighty urban absorb in the restaurant concern. Is Chick-fil-A’s management an act of Corporaye political business? 


    2.In your role as an inside eyewitness for a car manu- facturer, you discovered that your master can pro- duce a car engine that succeed get 8 over miles per gallon than the bulky engine. However, the absorb of pro- ducing this car engine would be an appended $3,000 per car. Claim that a ordinary driver drives a car for 5 years and 200,000 miles. Also, claim that the absorb of a gallon of gas is $5 per gallon and a ordinary car gets 24 miles per gallon. The union is wonder- ing if it is holy to not effect this over fertile engine.

    1. Is this an holy topic or exact a undesigning absorb statementing example?

    2. Howwouldyouanalyzethisfromtheperspective of shareholder plea?

    3. Howwouldyouanalyzethisfromtheperspective of stakeholder plea?

    4. If this car creator does determine to effect the over fuel-fertile car, would you judge it to be an act of oppidan political business?

    5. Wouldyouranswertotheprecedingquestionbe unanalogous if the car creator’s motivation was solely to acception its repays by selling over cars? 



      1. 3.A iniquitous has procuren five of your neighbors as hostages and has threatened to deaden them probable five of his compatriots serving spell for put-to-death are

      released from prison. He has already shot one of the hostages in the leg. If the five compatriots are let bountiful, authorities affect that they succeed repay to their settlement empire of Mongolia, waste spell after a while their families, and then inaugurate put-to-deathing others proximate year. Statistically indicative, they are likely to deaden a sum of between 10 and 30 mob in Mongolia.

      1. Should the authorities indemnify these prisoners?

      2. Applying the Issue-Contingent Model, what ele- ments of probable strain are in-particular weighty

        to you in formulating your view?

      3. What factors should a utilitarian procure into statement in evaluating this commerce? What conclu-

        sion would a utilitarian likely extend?