Posted: January 24th, 2023

I need a research paper (minimum length – five pages)

Specific instructions for the Research Paper.

Specific Instructions for the Research Paper

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I need a research paper (minimum length – five pages)
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                The specific topic of your research paper is up to you!  Nevertheless, your topic must relate to the broader issue of global sustainability.  To get ideas for a topic, check out the content provided in the “Global Sustainability” folder of the Course Materials tab in Blackboard.  There are links to websites (e.g. the Earth Ethics Institute’s web page, or Inside Climate News) that will help you find a topic of particular interest to you .  There are also a few suggested topics on the syllabus. 

Some topics :
GSELS e-portfolioTopics:

v  Fracking: clashing values?

v  Global warming: the big picture;

v  Global warming: causes and consequences;

v  Sustainable lifestyles (the ethics of Epicurus?);

v  Voluntary simplicity vs. Conspicuous consumption: a question of values;

v  A water ethic for the next century;

v  Profitable sustainability in today’s economy;

v  Any other approved topic (see InsideClimate News for ideas).

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