Posted: February 11th, 2023

HW320: Contemporary Diet and Nutrition

Course ReflectionAs you complete your work in this course, reflect on the outcomes below (initially listed in your course Syllabus). Do you feel you have met the outcomes in your work on this course? What helped you meet the outcomes? Is there any outcome with which you feel you still need support or assistance? Are there any you would like to explore further? Initial Discussion responses should be around 150 words. Responses to your classmates or instructor should be around 75 words. Please be sure to submit at least 2 comments to your classmates or instructor in this final discussion board. References are not needed as the forum is meant to be self-reflective in nature.Course Outcomes:HW320-1: Differentiate the current USDA’s dietary guidelines from previous versions.HW320-2: Summarize the development and influence of farm and corporate food lobbies on governmental nutritional recommendations.HW320-3: Compare selected diets currently being promoted.HW320-4: Analyze the impact food-borne illnesses, genetic engineering and the organic food movements have on the global food markets.HW320-5: Evaluate the heterogeneous nature of food preferences and prohibitions in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities.

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HW320: Contemporary Diet and Nutrition
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