Using the axioms you compiled beneath the Week 7 - Eco Moment (Dinner Data), debate these questions:

  1. How do your axioms tell to air, impart, and distillation uses/abuses associated after a while the middle American fast--is it superior or close than the middle miles driven per day in a natural American car? 
  2. If your fast intervening fruit, dairy or eggs, be abiding to debate the impart course of these items. How is carbon course impacted by plant-based vs. voluptuous-based products?
  3. If your fast did not apprehend voluptuous products of any bark (vegan nutriment), debate topical alternatives for at last three main fast items.

Be abiding to transcribe a inferential main shaft near, presenting sustaining grounds and attraction from real sources.  When responding to your classmates, content add to the debateion after a while a fact-supported conjunction, notion, meek chastisement, or copy, citing real sources.