Posted: October 27th, 2022

HR Advice

For this assignment, you will act as an HR associate. Imagine you are consulted for advice on two different issues

 Read each situation carefully and  collectively answer the associated questions.

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HR Advice
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You are also encouraged to visit the

Ontario Human Rights

website and/or

The Ministry of Labour

website for additional assistance – but be sure to cite anything you borrow to support your work!

Situation A

A hiring manager  comes to you with a list of questions that she would like to use for  her interview to select an office manager. Your task is to review her proposed questions and identify which questions are appropriate and/or inappropriate based on employment legislation.

Here are the questions the hiring manager would like to use:

  • Tell me about a time you were faced with a difficult customer or staff member.  How did you handle the situation? 
  • Are you planning to take any other  classes or completing any other certification or designation that will  assist you in your career growth? 
  • You have a number of extra-curricular activities listed on your resume. Are there any associations to which you belong? 

Your written work should meet the following standards:


  • Your document should be professionally formatted following the APA guide to formatting.
  • Spelling and grammar do count, as  attention to detail, working to deadlines, and thoroughness are all  skills and abilities employers expect and reward.
  • Maximum four (4) page limit – cover page & reference list not included in limit.


  • You must cite all your sources.
  • Use APA sixth edition style, provide in-text citations after any quote, statistic, or other text from the internet.


Situation A:

  • 1 mark per question (including your rationale and re-writing of question if needed) for a total of 10 marks


  • 3 marks for the clarity of your writing (i.e. is clear, concise, and free of errors in spelling/grammar)
  • 3 marks for having a minimum of three  citations for outside references that are credible (If the words or  ideas are not your own, then cite be sure to cite what you have borrowed  using APA citation guidelines).

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