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how does vegetarianism benefit people

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how does vegetarianism benefit people
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Alessandra Perez

Professor Tayra Ichino

English III Honors

11 January 2021


Millions of people in the United States follow and pursue a vegetarian-based diet.

Vegetarianism is a diet that does not allow a person from the consumption of red meat, poultry,

seafood or any other type of animal. This diet is solely conducted on plant-based foods. Around

the world people choose to do this strict and rigorous diet for various reasons. Becoming a

vegetarian can be an adjustment, but the results are very beneficial for a person’s health. Many

restaurants and food businesses have adjusted their menus and created dishes for this specific

diet. Not only is being a vegetarian beneficial for an everyday eating lifestyle, but it also reduces

many types of sicknesses. ​Vegetarianism has a positive impact on people’s health and reduces

the chances of having high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, and it also prevents animal cruelty.

Long ago an ancient greek philosopher, Pyhtagoras, developed the concept of a meatless

diet. This same philosopher invented the pythagorean theorem used for mathematical and

geometric equations. When he discovered this way of eating, he decided to spread the word to all

people. For many years the vegetarianism diet was known as the “Pythagorean diet.” Many

people believed that eating the flesh of any living animal was unjust. Pythagoras believed that

this diet would give animals the justice they deserved. They believed all living things had souls,

so they rejected meat for religious and ethical reasons. This style of eating emerged around the

mid-1800s. Today people decide to take on this diet because they want to have a healthier

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lifestyle, religious beliefs, and for the safety of animals. People believe that this diet can be life


Some people confuse the terms vegetarianism and veganism. As stated, vegetarianism is a

plant-based diet when a person does not eat any animal flesh. On the other hand, veganism is

when a person does not eat any type of product that comes from an animal. For example, they

withdraw from eating eggs, milk, ice cream, and all types of animal flesh. There are three

different types of vegetarian diets. The first one is referred to as a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, this

means that the person refrains themselves from eating meat, dairy, and eggs. Next, there is the

lacto-vegetarian diet, which is when one does not eat meat nor eggs. Lastly, the ovo-vegetarian

diet allows the person to eat eggs while not eating any type of meat. All of these different types

of vegetarianism diet provide a person with a healthy lifestyle as well as with the proper nutrients

and vitamins.

Becoming a vegetarian can be quite an adjustment but the outcome is extraordinary. It is

very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To prevent oneself from gaining excess weight

starting the vegetarianism diet is the perfect solution. Vegetarianism offers a lifestyle that will

aid any person to live a healthy and long life. Being on this plant-based diet can help to maintain

a normal weight. “Vegetarians’ lower body weight correlates with their high intake of fiber and

low intakes of fat” (Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition). Obtaining a normal body weight can

reduce other health complications that can occur in the future. Obesity is a very serious condition

that should be avoided at all costs. It has been scientifically proven that the more meat a person

consumes will increase that person’s body weight. Obesity can impair a person’s life leading to

the conclusion that becoming a vegetarian has a major advantage.

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Many people in the United States suffer from a disease known as diabetes. There are two

different types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in adolescents. This type of diabetes is

when the pancreas does not produce insulin and if it does it is a minimal amount. It is

heartbreaking because usually those who have type 1 diabetes will live the rest of their lives with

it. Type 2 diabetes occurs in adults, and it is when the body does not process glucose so the

person has to inject themselves with insulin. Vegetarianism helps to prevent type 2 diabetes.

“ There is a reduced risk of heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes”(Vegetarianism).

Part of this plant-based diet focuses on foods that have whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Eating these low-glycemic foods regulates blood sugar levels. Many foods associated with this

diet aid those who suffer from high blood sugar. Some even say that it can treat type 2 diabetes.

This is incredible because many people use medication and injections to help them regulate their

blood sugar, but going on this diet will give you a natural and healthy cure. Medications can

affect our bodies in many ways, so being able to find a natural diet like the vegetarianism diet is


Cancer is a very serious condition that can occur in any part of the body. Many people

around the United States are diagnosed with different types of cancer. Fortunately, the

vegetarianism diet can help reduce the chances of getting cancer. Since this diet solely revolves

around plants and fruits it has been noted that this may be the key to reducing different types of

cancer from merging in the body. These healthy foods give off certain vitamins and necessary

nutrients that can reduce cancer factors. Those who eat meat may not consider eating these foods

so they are less likely to be receiving the proper nutrients and vitamins needed to create a strong

immune system to fight off any cancerous cells. Many studies around the world have proven that

those who take on the vegetarian diet are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

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