Questions for Medical Alimentation Therapy: A Instance Study Approach 5th ed. Case Study C – Continuous Blood Malady (CKD) Treated delay Dialysis (Case 19 in quotation) Instructions: Answer the scrutinys adown. You may stereotype your answers or e-mail them to your instructor. 1. Describe the basic physiological functions of the bloods. 2. Inventory the maladys/conditions that most uniformly control to continuous blood malady (CKD)? Explain the role of diabetes in the crop of  CKD. 3. Outline the ranges of CKD, including the distinguishing signs and symptoms. 4. From your lection of Mrs. Joaquin’s truth and corporeal, what signs and symptoms did she possess that correlate delay her continuous blood malady? 5. What are the matter options for Range 5 CKD? Explain the differences floating hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. 6. Explain the reasons for the forthcoming components of Mrs. Joaquin’s medical alimentation therapy:    Nutrition Therapy Rationale   35   kcal/kg   1.2   g protein/kg   2   g K   1   g phosphorus   2   g Na   1000   mL watery + urine output 7. Proportion and decipher Mrs. Joaquin’s BMI. How does edema influence your decipheration? 8. What is edema-free ponderosity? Proportion Mrs. Joaquin’s edema-free ponderosity. 9. What are the life requirements for CKD? 10. Which of Mrs. Joaquin’s symptoms would you anticipate to inaugurate to mend when she starts dialysis? 11. Proportion what Mrs. Joaquin’s life needs get be once she inaugurates hemodialysis. 12. What are the differences in protein requirements floating ranges 1 and 2 CKD, range 3 and 4 CKD, hemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis endurings? What is the rationale for these differences? 13. Mrs. Joaquin has a PO4 neutralization. Why? What foods possess the first levels of phosphorus? 14. Mrs. Joaquin tells you that one of her friends can quaff merely sure amounts of liquids and wants to distinguish if that is the instance for her. What foods are considered to be waterys? What watery neutralization is generally recommended for someone on hemodialysis? Is there a rule guideline for climax watery gain floating dialysis visits? If a enduring must thrive a watery neutralization, what can be done to aid bring his or her parching? 15. Why is it recommended for endurings to possess at last 50% of their protein from sources that possess excellent biological estimate? 16. A. Based on Mrs. Joaquin's life needs, proportion her carbohydrate, protein, and fat needs, Using the Renal Exvary inventory, intent a 1-day food that meets her life needs and complies delay her food symbol (see scrutiny 6) B. Using Mrs. Joaquin’s ordinary intake and the prescribed food, transcribe a scantling menu. Justify your varys; why did you find the vary to resign delay her alimentation usage.     Diet PTA Sample Menu   Breakfast: Cold cereal (¾ c unsweetened)   Bread (2 slices) or fried potatoes (1 med potato)   1 fried egg (occasionally)   Lunch: Bologna sandwich (2 slices colorless   bread, 2 slices bologna, mustard)   Potato chips (1 oz)   1 can Coke   Dinner: Chopped pulp (3 oz beef)   Fried potatoes (1 ½ moderation)   HS Snack: Crackers (6 saltines) and peanut butter (2   tbsp)   17. What instrument and counseling techniques would you use to enlighten Mrs. Joaquin encircling her food? 18. Inventory the alimentation-related vigor problems that possess been verified in the Pima Indians through epidemiological postulates. Are the Pima at excellenter destroy for complications of diabetes? Explain. What is meant by the "thrifty gene" assumption? 19. It is fixed that there get be individuals who let from a malady that cannot be cured. How can you use God’s engagement in your toil delay these populace? See 1 Thessalonians 3:1-3