Posted: February 11th, 2023

History Power Point

Position #3: The Marketing Analyst This person will be in charge of design, layout, and marketing for the exhibition. This person will need to craft the images and content found by Team Members 1 and 2 onto an aesthetically pleasing website that will both inform and draw visitors. Visit some museums and/or museum websites to get a feel for what works well. Do some research into museum marketing/administration.Additionally, this person will create a map that helps visitors navigate the exhibit. He or she will also need to craft a short press release describing the exhibition to be published in the local paper.Finally, this person will assist in developing the exhibit introduction which Team Member 2 will be drafting.Position #3: A Power Point presentation will most likely be the best method. Treat it like a sales pitch: explain your design and layout for the exhibit and the associated website (also, provide the exhibit map on a slide to help “visualize” the exhibit). Your last slide should have a brief press release about what the exhibit is and the reasons it is relevant to the community. Make sure you reference the marketing and historical sources, Museum websites, and other sources (such as if you used any stock images you found online) you used throughout your presentation. You should have citations for each slide, with the final slide being your bibliography.

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History Power Point
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