History 2

  Annotated Bibliography (Five Annotations Required)- TOPIC:  Investigate the truth of predestination and debate the ways in which this truth impacts coeval fellowship. Create a consummate Annotated Bibliography for 5 academic literary founts, which embrace your importation and topic, promulgation details, and the elucidation (see adown for examples of each constituent). A whole of 5 academic-literary founts are required for gist of your developed scrutiny contrivance. Scholarship resources that: the doer has a Ph.D. or other decisive stage, the effort appears in a multi-volumed, peer-reviewed journal, and has roomy references at the end. Good elucidations: capture promulgation details, offer a scholar importation and topic, and a inferential balbutiation of the fount, protection the following: Offers the scholar's importation and topic to the best distance s/he knows it at this object in span, Summarizes key objects, and identifies key stipulations (using citation marks, and citing a page in parentheses); Locates controversies or "problems" high-minded by the designations; States whether the scholar agrees or disagrees and gives reasons; Locates one or two citations to be used in the developed scrutiny contrivance; and Evaluates the ways in which this designation is grave and has helped the scholar to standpoint his/her sense.