Posted: October 27th, 2022

HIST 318

 HIST 318 – HISTORY OF AFRICAN AMERICANS IN AMERICAN CITIES SPRING 2021 ASSIGNMENT #1 “LIFE IN THE JIM CROW SOUTH” DUE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2021 *PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ASSIGNMENT THROUGH BLACKBOARD* Major “push” factors, which led to the exodus of African Americans out of the South included poor economic conditions and the exploitation of blacks by the sharecropping system. Another major “push” factor was the ongoing racial oppression in the form of Jim Crow laws. These laws were typically coupled with acts of racial violence and terrorism against blacks. The racial climate in the Jim Crow South, prior to the beginning of the Great Migration, is examined in the documentary, “The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow.” For this assignment, please watch Part 2 of the documentary and write an essay on your review of the film. The link for the film is listed below. Your essay should comply with the following criteria: 1) Two (FULL) pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial 12-point Font; 2) Must include a summary of the information covered in the documentary; 3) Must include details regarding a specific story from the film that resonated with you the most and 4) Must include your opinion on the information covered in the documentary. Link to the Film “The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow – Part 2,” can be accessed at the following link: Suggested Essay Structure Summary of the information in the film 1 page (2 paragraphs) Details regarding a specific story from the film that resonated with you ½ page (1 paragraph) Your opinion on the information presented in the film ½ page (1 paragraph)  _______  2 pages 

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HIST 318
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