Posted: October 27th, 2022

HIS Into Assignment

see attach

HistIntroductory Assignment

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HIS Into Assignment
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Directions: Download this document and mark you answers. Here is a link to help you if you do not know how make changes Microsoft Word document.

1. Which of the following is/are accepted academic writing styles?



C. Chicago Manual

D. All of the above

2. True or False. If when reading in our textbook about the meeting between Europeans and Native Americans around 1500, and the textbook authors use the phrase, “collision of cultures”, you then write, “The meeting between the two groups was, like a collision.” True or false, you should cite the passage that you wrote?

3. True or False. If you find a statistic in an online source that 25% of Americans were unemployed at the height of the Great Depression, true or false, you should cite the source of that statistic.

4. True or False. The authors of your textbook state, “The Age of Jackson was an age of inequality.” You like that quote so much that you put it in your paper. You should both quote and mention the source of the quote, true or false?

5. True or False. When writing that English is the language of England, it is necessary to attribute the source of this information.

6. True of False. When using an electronic resource as a source, it is accepted format to simply copy and paste the URL onto your paper with no additional information?

7. True or False. When using a source, it is only necessary to attach a reference list to your essay. There is no need to add footnotes, endnotes, or cite within the body of the essay.

8. Using any of the accepted academic writing styles, correct this entry.

Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain.

9. Which of the following is/are consequences of plagiarism

A. Academic disciplinary action, possibly expulsion.

B. Loss of professional position or job

C. Ruined reputation.

D. All of the above

10. True or false. The purpose of academic essays assigned to students is to see if students can demonstrate comprehension of subject material, and therefore, students should not use passages from other sources that they do not understand.

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