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1. Explain a Risk Manager’s responsibility in regards to their involvement in potential compensable events. Your response should be no less than 2 paragraphs.

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2. Define hazard vulnerability analysis and identify several, at least 2, situations one would conduct this analysis on. Your response should be no less than 2 paragraphs.


Due to increased patient volumes in the facility, the coding manager at Community Hospital is faced with an increased discharge not final bill (DNFB) rate.  The management staff of the HIM department needs to brainstorm possible solutions to rectify this problem.  You have been asked to assist in this process.  

     1.  Brainstorm at least 7 ideas of ways to address this problem.  
     2.  Categorize them into no less than 3 categories.  

HIM 2510 Quality & Performance Improvement

Chapter Review Worksheet 4

Chapters 5 & 6

Instructions: Complete the worksheet and submit to the designated drop box.

Chapter 5

1) Q: What is Core Measure data utilized for?


2) Q: What are the benefits of a check sheet in a performance improvement activity?


3) Q: What are the 4 categories of data found in performance improvement?


4) Q: What 3 techniques are usually utilized in displaying statistical analysis?


5) Q: What is the difference between a bar graph and a histogram?


6) Q: Why would someone use a Pareto chart opposed to a pie chart?


7) Q: Are line charts and control charts one in the same?


Chapter 6

1) Q: When recording minutes of a meeting, what are the benefits for utilizing the CRAF method?


2) Q: What are the benefits of storyboards?


3) Q: What information would you include in a quarterly report?


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