Posted: October 27th, 2022


Each student to write one email based on the following scenarios; 1- Give information; You are sending out an Emil to your employees for Christmas party at a downtown hotel, write an email and include driving instruction, and/or location information. 2- Email reply to a request: you work at a company, you can choose any company and [product, a customer asked you for some information about that product, write an email response and give information, make sure to include product benefits. 3-Write a complaint letter; You are a customer who purchased something from online store, the product is faulty, write a email to inform and ask for the outcome of your choice from the seller. 4-Give recommendation; Kes is graduating from VPC next cycle, and Kes asked you to give him a letter of recommendation so he can give it to the manager of Fairmont Hotel in downtown. Write a letter addressed to Fairmont Hotel and say why you recommend Kes for this job and any other things you can say to support his credibility. 5- Write a thank you letter; You do business with someone from Microsoft, the manager at Microsoft took you out for dinner last night. You must write a letter saying that you and express your appreciation. Please write these in one document, different pages. They are all emails, so please use email format, including subject line.

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