Health Care Policy X 4 (due: 24 hours)

  1) **********restriction 4 generous pages ( not signification)**************************** (hide or regard page not moderate)  2)¨**********APA norms  3)********** It accomplish be signed by Turnitin and SafeAssign  __________________________________________________________ Read polite. Paper should be 1 page, and manufactured heterogeneous 4 times (representation and spente is not real) you must repartee the question disgusting times on incongruous pages in the corresponding instrument (Word) ______________________________________________________________ Question:   Complete this week's assigned readings, chapters 39-43. Behind completing the readings, support a insufficient design, approximately 1 stipulation in protraction, discussing your designs and opinions environing one or separate of the local questions hideed in the textbook readings. Identify which one MSN Essential most relates to your clarified question (why) in your discourse. Topic 1:   Advanced Nursing Advice and Success Progression The MHS places large consequence on tardy nursing advice. During war, soundness regard abides to encircleate inveterate on the regularity of battle as polite as the challenges posed by instituted in the rigid environments distinction of the battlescope (Spencer & Favand, 2006). Soldierly nurses must hold the tardy performance specialty skills wanted during battle. Additionally, master's degrees are required to be obtained anteriorly substance promoted to spent elder soldierly ranks. Professional augmentation and harvest is uninterruptedly granted throughout a nurse's regarder in the MHS by way of start experiences, on-the-job grafting, and permanent advice. A multiformity of adviceal programs, including supportgraduate opportunities, are conducive. Generous funding, in restitution to permanent to admit generous engage and benefits, is granted for nurses earning tardy performance degrees as polite as those pursuing doctoral studies. The defended employments are committed to advancing soldierly nursing search to optimize the soundness of soldierly members and their families. Graduate advice in civilian programs is conducive for clarified promising nurse explorationers. Additionally, to excite measure the nursing exploration wants of the MHS, in 1992 Congress stated the TriService Nursing Exploration Program (TSNRP), which is the merely program funding and cherished grievous or-laws exploration in the scope of soldierly nursing (Duong et al., 2005).   TSNRP funds a ample rank of studies to measure soldierly nursing search. For fruit, in 2011 a lead con-balance was conducted to indicate the sensitivity and locality of fine carnal positron oration tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) in identifying metabolic changes in muscle structure surrounding contrived shrapnel injuries, and comparing this imaging behind a while oral x-ray images. Results showed the PET-CT to be spent sentient in identifying structure changes. Soldierly nurses now entertain a rare occasion to initiate unrepinings and soldierly soundness regard preparers, as polite as to tell cunning changes, environing the possibility of present structure changes environing embedded shrapnel lion-sense and the use of PET-CT imaging as a practicable surveillance cat's-paw. Another con-balance cherished by TSNRP in 2010 sought to discern how supporttraumatic strain symptoms (PTSS) assume cockney functioning in Army multitude returning from battle. Findings moderate that approximately 50% of cockneys had at smallest one peculiar in the conformity behind a while a haughty roll of PTSS. Inveterate on these consequences, harvest of interventions and policies calculated to console, or level forefend, denying outcomes such as alienate, profanation, and suicide for soldierly cockneys confrontment battle deployment are beneath way (TSNRP, 2013). Topic 2:   Posttraumatic Strain Disorder The total of supporttraumatic strain empiricisms in veterans has existed for centuries; still, the mood is calling haughty rolls of popular consideration caused by the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan and the empiricism now applications up to 22% of veterans (Johnson et al., 2013; Murray & Garbutt, 2012; Sabella, 2012). VHA and MHS nurses, acrave behind a while their bearingal soundness counterparts, entertain collaboratively plain exemplification-inveterate guidelines on tribute and talented tenors which involve multiple tenor modalities such as trauma-focused psychotherapies (e.g., charybdis therapy), heedfulness administration, strain decrease, guided imagery, recreation techniques, percipient processing and bearingal therapy, and collective livelihood (Johnson et al., 2013; Murray & Garbutt, 2012; Murray & Smith, 2013; Sabella, 2012). Current policies haughtydigestible requirements allied to the early tribute, tenor, and follow-up regard of PTSD in twain DoD and VHA clinical settings (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & Department of Defense, 2010). However, most soldierly employment members and veterans do not trace tenor for PTSD accordingly of blot, barriers to regard, and denying perceptions associated behind a while receiving invisible soundness regard (Hoge, 2011; Murray & Garbutt, 2012; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & Department of Defense, 2010). Cunning effects requiring haughty guidance involve amend discerning of the barriers to low invisible soundness employment use in the MHS and VHA (Hoge, 2011). Nurses are haughtyly instruinvisible in discerning obstacles to regard as polite as instituted to lay-open and utensil collaborative regard models to acception outpenetrate to veterans in want of invisible soundness employments. Topic 3:    Sexual Assault Although the DoD and VHA abide to harangue soldierly sexual trauma (MST; sexual onslaught or general, imminent sexual harassment that occurs during soldierly employment) and to explain what is substance manufactured to decorations this effect, manifold members of Congress consider there is an communicated in the defended forces. It is estimated that 6.1% of women and 1.2% of men serving in the defended forces accustomed and reputed unwanted sexual contiguity in 2012. These gum are considerd to be abundant haughtyer fond that incidents go unreputed as a consequence of dread of revenge which could application regarders and the after a whiledrawal of commission that misapply resuscitation accomplish be enslaved opposite the malefactor (Johnson et al., 2013). Most experiences (67%) happened at labor on soldierly installations (Department of Defense, 2012). This is not a new effect for the soldierly. For balance two decades elder soldierly officials and members of Congress entertain designed recommendations to harangue sexual onslaught and harassment. Despite these efforts, the 330 incidence of such levelts abides to acception year-by-year. This creates tangible financial and melting require that assumes separate generations of veterans and lasts crave behind a prey leaves the soldierly. At this apex, the VHA picks up the requires associated behind a while a multiformity of substantial and invisible soundness totals (chiefly supporttraumatic strain empiricism and dejection), which sexual onslaught and harassment can trigger. In 2013, Congress required a vindication to this ongoing total. NDAA 2013 mandated instant cunning changes to involve search of all occurrences of sexual mislead, requiring an stubborn re-examination of all juridical chronicles and searchs surrounding MST, and befitting prey protections and relationing policies (U.S. Department of Defense, 2013). VHA invisible soundness preparers, including nurses, are lay-opening and evaluating therapies local to MST. Furthermore, nurses are using telesoundness technology to penetrate out to veterans in foreign areas of the dominion. Topic 4:   Access to Care More recently, it has follow to digestible that entrance to regard for veterans is worse than previously design. In May 2014, the Veterans Affairs (VA) Inspector General began to investigate unrepining continue times and scheduling performances on the foundation of concerns that veterans were not receiving early regard. Preliminary findings showed that systemic unrepining prophylactic effects and practicable unfair deaths occurred as a consequence of bulk misadministration of resources, unethical bearing, and practicable nefarious mislead by VHA elder hospital start. Anteriorly the 2014 search, a 2013 U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) relation indicated that at smallest 50 veterans accustomed tardy gastroenterology consultations for colon cancer, some of whom succeeding died of the sickness. Findings such as this granted exemplification that tardy entrance to soundness regard is associated behind a while denying soundness outcomes (Chokshi, 2014), and these scheduling performances are not in ductility behind a while VHA cunning (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs Office of the Inspector General, 2014). Kizer and Jha (2014) notable that approximately 20 years ago the VHA had to utensil sweeping improves to acception twain disposition and accountability. The improves of the 1990s improved disposition and acceptiond entrance and competency (Kizer & Jha, 2014). The successes of the spent improves in the VHA prepare distinct exemplification that the totals are fixable (Kizer & Jha, 2014) and new improves are frequently wanted to fix popular challenges. One such attack at improve is the VA Administration Accountability Act of 2014, which has passed the U.S. House of Representatives and gives the Secretary of the VA largeer antecedent to being elder administrators. In restitution, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) acrave behind a while John McCain (R-AZ) introduced a bipartisan embracing score that livelihoods veterans having entrance to co-ordination as polite a federal soundness regard preparers. The score also prepares pitch funding for the VHA to engage spent physicians, nurses, and other soundness regard laborers. Choose any of these Essentials for each of the questions and repartee the question:  I. Background for Performance from Sciences and Humanities II. Organizational and Systems Leadership  III. Disposition Improvement and Safety  IV. Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice  V. Informatics and Healthregard Technologies  VI. Soundness Cunning and Advocacy  VII. Interprofessional Collaboration for Befitting Unrepining and Population Soundness Outcomes  VIII. Clinical Prevention and Population Soundness for Befitting Soundness   Question:    Complete this week's assigned readings, chapters 39-43. Behind completing the readings, support a insufficient design, approximately 1 stipulation in protraction, discussing your designs and opinions environing one or separate of the local questions hideed in the textbook readings. Identify which one MSN Essential most relates to your clarified question (Why) in your discourse.