Health Assignment

   The Joint Commission's Impact and the Avail of Long-Term Care This is a two-part assignment: Part One: In making-ready for accreditation at its facilities, the administration would relish the staff to discern the momentous benefits of accreditation and how undergoing the accreditation order can repair disposition.  Go to The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthheed Organizations (JCAHO) Web place (, and rejoinder the forthcoming questions. Be stable to set a definitive intonation that achieve address to and win aggravate staff, emphasizing the benefits accreditation can furnish your structure. Format your rejoinders in a memo format and address it to me. · What precisely are accreditation and certification? · What is the dissonance betwixt accreditation and certification?  · What are the benefits of accreditation? · What are the benefits of Joint Commission certification? · How can undergoing the accreditation order rectify disposition at a healthheed readiness?  For instructions on how to transcribe a memo, gladden scrutinize this incorporate.     Part Two:  In a one page, embrace spaced APA format, specify what hanker term heed is and why it has continued to growth in provisions of avail amongst the healthheed landscape.  In your retort be stable to use examples to increase your findings and embrace apt citations.