Posted: October 27th, 2022



Here is step 1:

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Please clearly state the area of health that interests you the most. Please explain in a few sentences why this area interests you. This could include career goals; impact based on experience, illness, family member, etc. 

Here is my topic:  

  • Patient Administration Specialist is my area of interest in healthcare.
    To develop an effective communication and interpersonal skills to build and maintain strong relationships with healthcare personnel as well as with patients, families, and visitors.
    the biggest benefit of me being a healthcare professional is for me to make a difference in people’s lives. Protect the privacy of patients by strictly following HIPAA regulations.

 Step 2 Submit Research concept map and research question

11 réponse non lue.11 réponse.

Please answer the following question to your research interest in your post in Step 1:

Use the information and guidance on this website (Connexions vers un site externe.)

to complete these steps:

  1. Create and upload a concept map for your research interest/topic (These include but not limited to factors that can cause the health the population affected, outcomes, treatment if it’s a health condition)  Instructions on how to use MS Word to create a concept map is here (Connexions vers un site externe.)
  2. Watch the “How to choose a manageable research topic” video on the site.
  3. Make sure your question includes the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, or HOW of the interest/topic.
  4. Read the “Narrowing your topic” section to refine your topic. 
  5. Submit your research question.

CardiovascularDisorders in Older Adults

Burden of healthcare cost



Older adults

Population affected



Chronic cardiovascular



Research Questions

1. How the effective communication and interpersonal skills assist would facilitates effective and successful interactions with chronic cardiovascular patients, family members and visitors in healthcare facilities I get posted?

2. Who are the group of chronic cardiovascular patients that would significantly benefit from interpersonal skill during different stages of interactions and treatment period?

3. Is effective communication and interpersonal skills assisting in delivery quality services in safe and secure manners to the chronic cardiovascular patients?

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