Posted: February 11th, 2023

HCA322: Health Care Ethics & Medical Law- Courtroom Drama

Courtroom DramaThe chosen court case will be: Case #1: Hospital Implements New Minimum Necessary Polices for Telephone Messages.Juror: Research the case, as well as the legal and ethical standards surrounding the issues from both sides. View the videos from both the plaintiff and defendant using the links below and in your two to three page paper present your decision to rule either in favor of the Plaintiff or Defendant. The paper should explain the rationale behind your decision and you must use scholarly sources to support your decision to rule in favor of the Plantiff or Defendant.Case #1: Hospital Implements New Minimum Necessary Polices for Telephone Messages Covered Entity: General HospitalIssue: Minimum Necessary; Confidential Communications Plaintiff: Jacob Jones (Patient) Defendant: St. Ashford General Hospital on behalf of BeverlyDescription: Beverly, an employee at St. Ashford General Hospital is accused of not observing minimum necessary requirements when she left a telephone message with the daughter of a Jacob Jones that detailed both the patient’s medical condition and treatment plan. An OCR investigation also indicated that the confidential communications requirements were not followed, as Beverly left the message at the Jacob’s home telephone number, despite his instructions to contact him through his work number.The defendant will defend Beverly and the Plaintiff will present how he was wronged, etc… The OCR investigation indicated or implied that this occurred. Did any ethical or legal violations occur? What does the government rules or law say about HIPAA and patient telephone calls etc…? The end results of the investigation will be provided at the conclusion of the presentations and verdict.The Plaintiff and Defendant for the case will be: * Kati Bradley-Plaintiff’s YouTube Link* Bernard Morales-Defendant’s YouTube Link

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HCA322: Health Care Ethics & Medical Law- Courtroom Drama
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