Posted: October 27th, 2022

HA499 Bachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration

Response to this post at least 75 words and 1 reference 


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HA499 Bachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration
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Question 1

Natalia Andino Leon  

A healthcare administrator influence other personal in the organization to use data legally and ethically by adjudicating a few set of norms to follow the ethics. As part of their job, setting a standard in the expectations from staff and others is something that need to be done. The use of EMR can be potentially being misused and this is very dangerous since it contains sensitive information. Consideration this, creating a protocol that gets ahold of the record is important and the administrators should be the organizers in seeing who is qualified to have access to the EMR and other data from the hospital.  It is important to understand that the misuse of this can lead to legal action taken against the person and that is why, proper training should take place at all time. Administrations need to develop a code of ethics and give the resources for educational programs to the workers of healthcare in the organization. Those that do not follow the protocol and violate the ethic, can be automatically terminated and  face future legal action against them. 

Ethics in Healthcare Administration

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