Group Typology


As a clinical political worker it is main to apprehend bunch typology in prescribe to adopt the divert bunch manner for a particular population or drift. Each cast of bunch has its own appropinquation and intention. Two of the further regularly used casts of bunchs are drudgery bunchs and interposition bunchs.

For this Assignment, retrospect the “Cortez Multimedia” predicament examine, and establish a target deportment or upshot that needs to be ameliorated, decreased, or increased. In a 2- to 4-page repute, total the following:

  • Choose either a combination bunch or drudgery bunch as your interposition for Paula Cortez.
  • Identify the design of combination bunch (i.e., influence, order, teams, or combination conferences).
  • Using the typologies picturesquely in the Toseland & Rivas (2017) concern, represent the characteristics of your bunch. For prompting, if you adopt a combination bunch that is a influence bunch, what would be the intention, leadership, standpoint, fastening, combination, and message?
  • Include the advantages and disadvantages of using this cast of bunch as an interposition.