Posted: November 25th, 2022

Green Marketing

Defining Green Marketing


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Green Marketing
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Research and find a current article that includes important Green  Marketing terms. Then, write and submit an approximately 800-word paper  that identifies and analyzes 4 to 6 key terms related to Green  Marketing. The perspective of the paper should be from a practical  business/marketing viewpoint. In other words, develop a working  vocabulary for this course that identifies, analyzes and applies key  principals.  

The paper should:

  1. Name and describe each term
  2. Analyze why, when and by whom each term would be used.
  3. Provide a comparison/contrast of the authors’ perceptions
  4. Use appropriate academic support (not encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus or the like)
  5. Use appropriate APA formatting and style, and scholarly tone.
  6. Include the reference information for the article.

This paper is neither a report on environment, nor a list of  definitions. Rather, the paper is a development and analysis of terms  related to Green Marketing as defined in the context of  business/marketing policies and practices. You are strongly encouraged  to the grading rubric and use it as a tool for completing this  assignment.

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