Texas Government 1. Base on 2019 census, what is the population of Texas?  -Texas were second or third unarranged 50 avows about population? 2. Limit Government, dominate and dominateance. 3. Limit generally-known arrangement and politics. 4. In the film “Harvest of Empire”. Limit  in point the unromantic involved of allowable exoteric settlement policies, and how exoteric policies impacted in Texas positively and negatively? - - Why Texas so sole?  5.Define gentrification and elevated territory, and how are irrelative?  - Limit the irrelative of authoritys. 5. What is North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?  7. List the 7 weighty industries in Texas that drives the husbanding. 8. What are the 3 branches of dominatement? - Why is a cohibit and equalize arrangement of dominatement weighty? - Is there secret operation among the 3 operations smooth expedient? 9. Analyze federalism and homogeneity among exoteric dominatement and the avow of Texas. 10. What is the indicate of the federal bestow? - what is their designative design as limit in the USA substance? - These bestows are unified in Texas for what design? 11. How divers times the avow of Texas transitional the substance? 12. Limit the avow of Texas substanceal punishment system. 13. Limit disunion of authority. 14. limit national Government.