Posted: February 11th, 2023

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Transactional Communication Model.”  Please respond to the following:Scenario: You are attending a town council meeting where you meet community leader Fran Richardson who is influential in the transportation business. You and Richardson obviously have a lot in common and your conversation is animated and friendly. As a manager in an engineering firm, you know that Richardson could be a valuable contact. Your conversation is interrupted with the start of the meeting. Richardson says to you, “Let’s meet for lunch. I’ll call you soon.”  Students will respond to the following:Apply the transactional communication model to the above scenario, when you met community leader Fran Richardson. Using each of the model’s elements:Explain each component of the transactional communication model.Assess how each element listed below influences the interpretation of a message’s meaning:SenderReceiverChannelMessageFeedbackNoiseContextSimultaneous and ContinuousPlease answer all the questions and bullets points for question two.

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