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  The Strategic Address Manner Standard (SMPM) is an collision of severe systems plea; that is, the standard uses a systems plea backbone (inputs, transformation, outputs, and feedback) after a while determination plea to conceptualize how strategic address works. Inputs grasp the band-arms, visible dissection, and interior dissection. Transformation grasps the collision of determination plea to the antecedent inputs, in prescribe to import-about choices that transfer to the extrication of designs for the form to pursue; the formulation of strategies to stretch these designs; and policy implementation. Outputs are the results. In public, feedback loops add the strategic address manner steps concurrently for practice purposes. A key role for feedback is to parallel the outputs after a while the desired designs and rearrange any gaps. Select a calling and grasp a URL that describes the sodality. Briefly line the form and inaugurate an dissection using the strategic address manner standard: What is the form’s band-arms? Which key visible forces (i.e., opportunities and threats) are bearing? Which key interior factors (i.e., strengths and weaknesses) are bearing? Given these inputs, which key strategic design has the form set? Describe the policy used to stretch the design. Comment on the policy’s implementation. What output has the form executed? Does the output indemnify the form’s design? If not, what adjustments do you offer to import the output and the design into harmony? To livelihood this assignment, use at last three likely examination references. At last two of these references must be beyond materials not rest in the manner readings.  Your tractate should be 3-4 pages in elongation and tally to APA.