Posted: January 24th, 2023

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DQ (200 words per question).

Please cite/reference

Also label the answers with the codes of each questions. Thanks!


Much discussion has centered on designing the appropriate incentives to change provider behavior relative to improving patient care and outcomes, and thus creating “value”. From your own health care experience, how will pay-for-performance (P4P) impact not only patient care, but also the resulting contract rates?


Health care institutions and providers will continue to face challenges as the U.S. health care delivery systems transform. The cornerstone of these challenges will involve improving the quality of care, while creating value. With this transformation, a greater emphasis will be placed on providers to demonstrate their overall clinical performance in caring for patients (e.g., clinical care models, evidence-based medicine, and others).

How will pay for performance contracting methodology impact and influence risk to a health care institution?


Discuss how impending workforce shortages in the healthcare industry can be mitigated. Provide specific examples and your plan for addressing identified key shortages.

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